(part 2)

Homer hugging Bart (yeah right...)

Strange Addictions

- Mmmm... urinal fresh
- Mmmm...elephant fresh
- Mmmm...soylent green
- Mmmm...crumbled-up cookie things
- Mmm...donuts
- Mmmm...reprocessed pig fat

The Ancient Art of Currency

Homer: "Aww... 20 dollars? I wanted a peanut!"
Homer's brain: "20 dollars can buy many peanuts!"
Homer: "Explain how!"
Homer's brain: "Money can be exchanged for goods and services!"
Homer: "Woo hoo!"


Homer: "When I first heard that Marge was joining the police academy, I thought it would be fun and zany, like that movie -- spaceballs. But instead it was dark and disturbing. Like that movie -- Police Academy."

The Holy Book

Marge: "Homer, did you call the audience chickens?"
Homer: "No, Marge! I swear on this bible!"
Marge: "That's not a bible. That's a book of carpet samples."
Homer: "Mmmm...fuzzy"

My Connection

(Homer is looking on a set of cards with nude deck "The girls of the Internet")
Homer: "Ooh, I'd go online with them anyday!"

Sacred Prayer

Homer (praying): "Dear Lord, the gods have been good to me. As an offering, I present these milk and cookies. If you wish me to eat them instead, please give me no sign whatsoever...thy will be done." (munch munch munch)

Lesson of Life

Homer: "If there's one thing I've learned, it's that life is one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead."

Chickened Out

Apu : "Howdy neighbour! May I spray you with the hose in a playful fashion?"
Homer: "Uhhh...spray the boy."


Homer: "Rock stars...is there anything they DON'T know?"


Homer: "What's the point of going out? We're just going to wind up here, anyway."

Detective Simpson

Homer: "To find Flanders, I have to think like Flanders."
Homer's brain : "I'm a big four-eyed lame-o! And I wear the same stupid sweater every day and..."
Homer: "The Springfield River!"


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